Terms & Conditions

Thank you for connecting with Tidy Revival to assist you in reaching your organizational goals! I started this company to share my love for organization, and the calm it’s brought to my life. I take my client relationships very seriously, as you’ve entrusted me in your homes & businesses. Your time and money are precious, and I want to help you make the most of each. Please let me know if you have any questions along the way!


Carly Adams Owner, Tidy Revival

Payments & Scheduling

Forms of payment accepted: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Venmo or Paypal. Checks should be made out to Tidy Revival. Payments must be made in full before services are scheduled. Session packages expire within six months of purchase, at which point, unused sessions will be scheduled or refunded as outlined below. Prices are subject to change.

Additional Expenses

The following will be billed to the Client, at cost, in addition to session fees (please note, all organizational supplies are optional to purchase - copies of receipts can be provided upon request and are separately invoiced).

• Travel outside of 45 minutes each way may be subject to a travel fee or further conditions.

• Any materials used to complete the project(s) such as: bins & containers, packaging, tape, labels, filing products.

• If the Client wishes to provide materials needed for the project(s), the materials must be available for use by the session date, if single session, or by an arranged date for session packages.


Tidy Revival provides Clients with the tools with which to make their own decisions about disposing of unwanted or unneeded possessions. Tidy Revival will refer Clients to appropriate providers for removal of goods, and other services and products as needs arise. Additionally, we will transport up to one carload of donations per session if needed (note: max one donation destination per session).

Preparing for our sessions

Any personal items that you do not want to be viewed by Tidy Revival should be put in an inaccessible area. It is strongly recommended that pets be kept in a different area other than the organizing focus (especially large animals). If the Organizer and Client will be working together, childcare for small children is also highly recommended, to maximize session time.

Client Warranty and Conditions

Client warrants that all conditions are safe and that Tidy Revival and agents thereof have and are permitted access to all areas relevant to the project. Tidy Revival has the right to decline providing services if toxins, health hazards or dangerous conditions are present in the work area, which shall be a determination made at the sole discretion of Tidy Revival.

Tidy Revival shall not be liable for any defect in materials provided to Client or for services rendered by others under any legal theory, including negligence, for any injury or damage to person or property arising out of or related to the services contemplated hereunder, except for matters arising out of Tidy Revival’s willful misconduct.

Tidy Revival does not assume any responsibility arising out of Client’s disposing of their personal property and or personal records, or from use of other providers, services, companies or organizations. Tidy Revival recommends Clients ask their lawyers, accountants, and financial advisers should questions arise in these areas. Tidy Revival shall not be responsible for, and makes no representations or advice about, any tax matters, including, but not limited to, tax implications of donations.

Complaints / Cancellation and Termination

Complaints: At Tidy Revival, customer service is a top priority. Should a Client have a complaint, we will respond in a timely fashion, and make every effort to right the situation.

Cancellation/termination: If you need to reschedule a session, all I ask is that you make every effort to give me 24 hours notice. If you or a member of your household is ill, please feel free to reschedule at any time. The Client has the right to terminate services at any time. If the Client elects to terminate services, payment will be refunded, less the hourly rate of services completed and the expense of project materials. (Example: if Client purchases a 4-session package but uses two sessions, they will be refunded the rate of two individual sessions. If they purchase an 8-session package but use 4 sessions, they will be refunded the rate of a 4-session package.) Should Tidy Revival elect to terminate services, refund will be based on a prorated amount (Example: If a Client purchases a 4-Session package but we complete one, the Client will be refunded 75% of the total cost).

Tidy Revival maintains the same right regarding termination, subject to reasonable notice to allow the Client to arrange alternative services.


Tidy Revival urges the taking of before, during and after photos to monitor progress. No photos will be used for promotional purposes without the explicit authorization of Client.


Note that all matters are kept confidential and will not be shared without your written consent.